Saturday, July 23, 2016

Here We Go Again

To the five people still reading, I bid you good day.  Checking in for an update:  Connecticut was not home and never would be, so I transferred within my agency down to Memphis.  City of my birth, the Bluff City, Grit & Grind, blues and BBQ.

All I've ever wanted was to live an a lovely old house in a lovely old neighborhood where I could take long walks admiring other lovely old houses and their beautiful front gardens under mature shade trees reaching across the street.  I now have that in spades.

When I saw it come on the market, I was in between naturalization ceremonies in Hartford.  I'd planned to drive down to Memphis the next day to house hunt.  I called my realtor and told her to write up the offer, I'd be there by noon the next day.  Truly love at first sight, at a *very* reasonable price.  I was approved for twice the asking price.

I put the pups in the car and drove straight down, stopping only to e-sign all the offer documents and field calls from my ninja realtor.  Three other offers came in at the same time, as we expected, and I offered just a little over asking.  And got it.  Impulsive?  Damn right.  Did it pay off?  It was the smartest decision I've ever made.

Two other big changes:  the animal pack lost one and gained another.  Wee AnnaMae died in a freak accident last year.  I cried for a month and still cry about it.  I loved that little pain in the ass.  I gained this one--Tallulah, whom I rescued just before execution at Memphis Animal Services with her seven one-day-old puppies.
We found homes for the pups, but Tallulah turned out very dog-aggressive, and a bit person-aggressive as well.  Can't adopt out an aggressive dog, so I had a choice to make--kill her or keep her.  I went with the latter.

We worked with one trainer for about eight months and made very little progress, and now we've been working with a guy who specializes in dog aggression...and we're making progress every time we go out for a walk.

When I decided to keep her, it was with the caveat that if her aggression couldn't be brought under control, I would have to put her down.  And I've put her in the car three separate time to do just that...but couldn't do it until I exhausted all avenues.  This trainer is the last avenue, and he will tell me when/if he ever feels she won't improve enough to prevent danger to others and liability to me.  If she continues to improve, we may just get there...but we're not anywhere near that point now.  Keeping my fingers crossed--I love this asshole dog.  We walk for at least an hour a day, morning and dusk, weather permitting.

Other big change--my job.  I just promoted to Fraud Detection / National Security Immigration Officer, which is just as it sounds.  I investigate immigration fraud (mostly green card marriages) and immigrants who may pose a national security risk.  I absolutely love it.

I somehow managed to land a very well-paying job, my perfect home in a city I love, proximity to my family and friends, and a level of peace and security I've never known before.

All the hard work of the last three decades finally paid off.  I know some people see a single, childless, middle-aged woman and think there must be something wrong, or maybe I'm gay, or worthy of pity.  Nothing could be farther from the truth and while I don't care about the lesbian assumption, the other two invite a good whuppin'.